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gustosa, moderna, italiana

  • Kyiv, Kyrpy str, 5b (in front of South Train Station)
  • +38 044 49 93 940
  • 8:00 - 00:00

Welcome a newcomer to La Famiglia, a new Italian restaurant! SEMIFREDDO is about casual-format, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, an immaculate menu and true Italian taste: all of these are just a few reasons to adore SEMIFREDDO. For visiting this place you don't need to look for a reason, because it's comfortable wether for families, big companies or for businessmen and private meetings. SEMIFREDDO is for everyone who appreciates the right Italian cuisine and ready to enjoy it every day.

Luminous halls, huge windows to the floor, stylish easy interior... that's what we wanted this place to look like from the very beginning. The heart of the restaurant is an open kitchen with a traditional wood-burning oven used for making classic Italian pizza, as well as a specialty of SEMIFREDDO - pinzza. This dish is even more ancient than the world-famous Italian pizza - pinzza was invented during the Roman Empire. For making the dough we use a special flour mix of three cereals, as well as unique yeast, which we bring from Italy ... As a result we get a thin crusty cake and add a variety of fillings. Pinzza you can try it only here, in SEMIFREDDO.

In addition to the rich selection of pizza and pinzza, there are bruschettes, salads and hot snacks, as well as pasta, lasagna, grilled meat and fish dishes. We payed attention to the gluten-free menu, menu for kids and vegetarian dishes. Among the desserts - dozen of semifreddo kinds! Beside breakfasts, lunches and dinners, you can visit SEMIFREDDO for evening cocktail and enjoy live music.

Perhaps the main secret of SEMIFREDDO's attractiveness is the fact that cuisine of a wonderful Italian restaurant is available with the price of a city cafe. It's simple and tasty. Just delicious!


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Reserve a table La Famiglia