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Behind the elegant Italian word Zafferano the name of one of the most expensive spices in the world saffron is hidden. Noble, delicate, self-sufficient taste is inherent to both "spice of kings" and to the restaurant concept, which is located in Rivera Zoloche.

An important reason to visit Zafferano is its location: away from city noise on a spacious summer terrace on the Dnieper bank! Being surrounded by green garden and river, even an ordinary breakfast turns into a small celebration.

In Zafferano you can enjoy traditional Italian cuisine created by the famous metropolitan chef Oleg Starun.

The emphasis of the restaurant is on fresh products and quality, also on the authenticity of Italian dishes. Inside there is a big gastronomic shop with fresh homemade bread, olive oil, Italian cheeses, meet delicacy. If needed, you can order any dish to go or invite a restaurant catering to service your special event at home.

Italian hospitality to the smallest guests is spectacular! In Zafferano your kid will be invited to become a part of children's club. Whether you are a guest of the restaurant or not, your kids will be taught to cook at culinary master classes and entertained by professional animators.


Chef’s Wednesdays and Fish Thursdays

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