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  • Kyiv, Kyrpy str, 5b (in front of South Train Station)
  • 044 333 60 70
  • 10:00 - 21:30
Chi siamo

The format is casual, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, special menu and real Italian taste: these are just a few reasons to love SEMIFREDDO.

You do not need to look for a reason to visit our restaurant, as it is convenient for families, large companies, business and private meetings. SEMIFREDDO is designed for everyone who appreciates the right Italian cuisine and is ready to enjoy it every day.

Bright halls, huge floor-to-ceiling windows, stylish laconic interior ... that's how we wanted to look in this place from the very beginning. The heart of the restaurant is an open kitchen with a traditional wood-burning oven, which is used to make classic Italian pizza, as well as the pride of SEMIFREDDO - Pinzi. This dish is even older than the world-famous Italian pizza - pizza was invented during the Roman Empire. To make the dough, we use a special mixture of three types of flour, as well as unique yeast, which we bring from Italy. As a result, we get a thin crispy cake to which we add various fillings. Pint can be tried only here in SEMIFREDDO.

In addition to a large selection of pizza and pints, we have salads and snacks, homemade pasta, risotto, shrimp and meat dishes. We paid attention to the children and created a separate menu for them. Among the desserts - several types of semifreddo!
In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can visit SEMIFREDDO to enjoy an evening cocktail.


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