La Maison is a modern, fashionable city restaurant. The concept of the establishment combines the vibe of a big city, modern gastronomy, mood, style and exceptional elegance in every detail.
The separate 2-story building of the restaurant demonstrates an elegant manifestation of the chic of the metropolis. Large panoramic windows, play of sunlight, sophistication and comfort of interior solutions embody the modern embodiment of the French neoclassical interior.
The kitchen is managed by 2 chefs - one of the best chefs in Ukraine - Serhiy Matuzov (Bigoli, Soma, Pina) and the young and talented Dmytro Vardanyan (Catch, Vino e Cucina, Bigoli).
The menu features an interesting combination of two cuisines: bright Mediterranean and spicy Panasia. Choose a kitchen according to your mood - you will definitely not go wrong.
Mediterranean menu - taste the most colorful dishes of the Mediterranean countries - Greece, Spain, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Italy and, of course, France!

French baguette with salted butter or fluffy brioche with tomato salsa - the aroma of your own baking will leave you with no chance to resist! A large selection of small meze on the table, French specialties - onion soup, escargot snails, Chateaubriand, Moroccan lamb roast and signature burger, Israeli petit tim pasta - you can satisfy the most demanding desires.

The menu of Panasia is represented by author's rolls, seafood tempura, wontons and gedza, dishes on the robata grill, small Asian bites for the table, duck dishes - . signature duck according to the Hong Kong recipe and salad with baked duck and pamela.



Signature Ice Cream Flavors

Robata Grill Dishes

Signature Dish – Roasted Duck

The most coveted terrace in the capital is now open

Private events at La Maison

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