Vero Vero is a little South Italy on Podil.

In the summer, it is famous for its picturesque terrace with a city fountain: in the warm season, open-air symphony concerts and silent film screenings take place here. And in winter, guests enjoy cozy and atmospheric evenings accompanied by live music inside the restaurant.

The concept of the restaurant is Cucina del Sud, i.e. "Cuisine of the South". These are the traditional dishes of the regions of Apulia, Campania, Molise, Calabria and others, the islands of Sardinia, Sicily and Capri, as well as the inspiration given by these regions. Try spaghetti with vongole, Apulian orecchiette, Capri ravioli, and traditional South Seas seafood dishes to capture the colorful energy of this corner of the world.

Not only Italian classics, but also signature dishes from the Chef of the restaurant attract guests regardless of the season. This is of course Vero Vero pasta, prawn Panzanella, gelato collection and more. Salted cheesecakes with salmon for breakfast became the beginning of many successful days in Podil.

People say that the truth is in the wine and it begins with Chianti. Our exclusive collection includes more than 40 types of Chianti, from the beloved Chianti Classico to the aristocratic Chianti Classico Gran Selezione. Every year we receive an award from Wine Spectator, and every month the restaurant's sommelier chooses the most appropriate wine to accompany the dishes on the menu.

Regular guests of Vero Vero choose to celebrate important life events in their favorite restaurant. For a meeting with partners, a family holiday or a private wedding, we have all the best: Italian cuisine, a wine collection, careful service.

Reserve a table: 044 499 39 29


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