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Vero Vero is a quite, comfy restaurant located in Podil area of Kyiv. During the warm season, its grand terrace occupies the square next to the St. Eliya Church with the beautiful city fountain in the middle. In winter, it resembles cozy little trattoria, which can be found in every region of Italy. Our menu offers you flavorsome Italian must-haves like homemade pasta, risotto, nice choice of Italian mozzarella and antipasti. We also serve desserts and delicious Italian gelato. At winter our dinner chef’s special is arrosto – traditional slow-cooked veal roast, a very traditional family meal for every Italian area.

To match dishes, our sommelier has selected an impressive Chianti collection, from favorite Chianti Ruffino to aristocratic Chianti Classico Riserva Rocca Guiciarda. This year we received two glasses from the Wine Spectator for our wine list.

Weekends are kids' favorite. In summer we host outdoor events next to the fountain to entertain your children and let you enjoy your meal. For the colder season, we move inside with the kids activities like craft lessons, cooking classes and activities with an animator. We even teach your kids to make pizza and cookies, and we enjoy it!
Don’t come alone, bring your family and friends – we are looking forward to the great company!


Bright taste of autumn

Sangiovese Red Autumn Wine Festival!

Gastronomic seasonal treasures

New dishes with a taste of autumn

Dolce Vita or new desserts in Vero Vero

Special pride and recognition!

Two glasses and the feeling of real triumph: Wine Spectator in Vero Vero!

Vero Vero

Bright entertainment for little guests

Vero Vero

Favorite breakfasts in Vero Vero!

Private Dining – your special story in Vero Vero.


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Vero Vero

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