In the beginning there was truth, and that truth was in wine.

Then came the enjoyment of the most delicious dishes in the world. This is how God created Italy... And we took the best of what the Italians created and opened VINO e CUCINA.

Three floors, one restaurant. On the upper floor, there is a spacious restaurant hall, where life is always in full swing, and live music plays in the evenings... There is a large wine bar in the cellar, and a small pizzeria with a real wood-burning oven on the first floor.

For eight years now, Vino e Cucina has received the Best of Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator. Two glasses from Wine Spectator (Best of Award of Excellence) are awarded only to those restaurants whose wine lists are compiled at the highest level. Our enoteca presents unique wines from 15 countries of the world and 20 regions of Italy. These are rare specimens, and depth of vintages, and leading farms, behind which queues stand several years in advance, and, of course, gastronomic accompaniment. We have collected more than 1,000 of the best wines from around the world, 100 types of champagne and sparkling wines and 50 types of grappa.

In the kitchen of the restaurant, we have combined the best that Italy has given the world. Traditional Italian antipasti, a large selection of homemade pasta and pizza, classics of Italian cuisine. The signature beef tartare, prepared at your table, and the fantastic risotto topped in the 19-month-old Parmesan wheel have already become the restaurant's hallmark.

Our remarkable wine collection obliges to hold tastings – the ambassadors of Vino e Cucina are famous winemakers who in different years personally held tastings of their wines in combination with the restaurant's dishes: Gaia Gaia, Lodovico Antinori, Pierre Richard, Christian Botegall...

In the park near the restaurant, there was a summer terrace, which was beloved by the guests - spacious and cozy at the same time.

Regardless of where you spend your time, we have a place for everyone - for fine connoisseurs of taste and lovers, for large companies and families. We will meet everyone sincerely: buon appetito!


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