"Khutorets na Dnipro" first opened its doors in 1998. Today, our restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine is the embodiment of traditions combined with modern cooking technologies, elegance, authenticity and impeccable service.
Located in the historical center of Kyiv, on Podil, the restaurant offers an extraordinary view of the majestic Dnipro. The Ukrainian night hall on the second floor of the restaurant, known throughout Kyiv, has wide panoramic windows and a cozy romantic atmosphere. There is a bar and a vodka room with the country's largest collection of Ukrainian gorilka.
In the Mountain Hall on the first floor of the restaurant, there is an open fire area where guests watch the preparation of Transcarpathian trout, fragrant meat, and juicy vegetables. An authentic Carpathian stove and traditional decoration complement the cozy atmosphere of the Steppe hall.

Each hall can become a venue for an important event. The restaurant also has small cozy rooms for intimate meetings.

And in the summer, a large terrace opens right among the waves of the Dnipro, which gives the desired coolness and sets the mood for rest!

The chef of "Farmhouse on the Dnipro" and his team are sincerely in love with Ukrainian cuisine and zealously implement both traditional recipes and their own author's vision. The menu of the restaurant includes red and green borscht, five types of dumplings, which are molded by hand every day, classic dumplings, seven types of lard, farm meat cooked on fire, the signature Kyiv cake, Ukrainian palyanitsa. Every weekend, the Chef prepares author's borschts on an open fire, combining traditional recipes and a modern vision.

Since 2017, the restaurant's wine list has won the prestigious international Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence every year in a row. In addition to iconic wines from around the world, it contains outstanding items from Ukrainian producers, including the Beykush, Colonist, Art Wine, Chizai, Shabo, etc. wineries and their rare premieres, collector bottles, the best harvests and unique vintages.

The vodka room of the restaurant is the country's largest collection of Ukrainian vodkas, which includes about 100 types, most of which you will learn about here. The best bottles are located in two glass rack rooms, where they are kept chilled.

Aromatic tinctures are an integral part of Ukrainian cuisine! From spicy horseradish to rich cherry, classic mead and seasonal tinctures from currants, apples, raspberries - we prepare them ourselves and offer them both separately and in a tasting set. But even with yourself!

The bar of the restaurant mixes original cocktails: four complete "Bloody Marys", bright Podil Breeze with a spectacular presentation, unique Gin Parsley Sour and others.
Kramnytsia is a real treasure trove of Ukrainian aesthetics, created in collaboration with Ukrainian designers. Here you can buy special Ukrainian souvenirs: elegant embroidery, modern ceramics, exquisite jewelry, linen textiles, popular books about Ukraine. Also Ukrainian specialties: home-made tinctures, tea collections from Carpathian herbs, mountain and coniferous honey.

Come to "Khutorets na Dnipro" to enjoy Ukrainian dishes, drinks, aesthetics and hospitality at their best!


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