Margherita is the first Italian restaurant of the La Famiglia chain in the mountain resort of Bukovel. The concept of the establishment - "Bistro e Pizzeria" - is about the approach: fast, tasty, clear and with a glass of your favorite wine. Everything you need for a perfect vacation in the mountains.

The interior of a modern chalet with three separate rooms is designed for any event: from a simple breakfast to romantic dinners or large family celebrations.

Two terraces offer a picturesque view of the mountains and Lake Molodosti.
In the hot summer season, you can enjoy the fresh mountain air here, and in the winter, the beauty of the snow-capped peaks, warming up with hot drinks and aromatic Italian pastries baked in our own bakery. Traditional ciabatta, focaccia, grisini, toasted and buckwheat bread - taste it in the restaurant and be sure to buy it with you.

We serve breakfast from 08:00 to 14:00. The only thing you need to choose is a dish from the menu.

The main secret of the taste of Margherita signature pizza lies not only in the experience of our chef, but also in a special wood-fired oven.

We have collected the most interesting authentic Italian recipes in the menu. Try the porkette, a signature dish made from roasted pork, which no celebration in Italy is complete without. The chef makes our pasta by hand according to traditional recipes, so its taste is always special. And the collection of the freshest Italian mozzarella, which we deliver every week directly from Italy, will satisfy any gourmet.

How about a picnic in the mountains with paninis, signature chicken sandwiches and prosecco? We will make quick and convenient packing for you and deliver within the Bukovel resort — everything for your pleasure.

Children's menu
We also took care of our little guests and created a special children's menu. Our dishes for children are prepared taking into account their taste preferences and needs for a balanced diet.

After a tasty snack, your child can spend time in the children's room or with animators - favorite cartoon characters. In addition, the children's room of the restaurant is equipped with modern gadgets and toys, with which the child will not only have fun, but also develop fine motor skills, memory, and attention. But the most important thing is to have a good time.

Pizza making workshops

You can learn the secrets of Italian cuisine in Bukovel, for example, at our master classes. Come with the whole family or by yourself and have a great time creating your own masterpiece based on an Italian recipe.

The Margherita wine list is a reflection of Italian style and taste. Our collection includes wines from the key wine-growing areas of Barolo and Barbaresco in Piedmont, the historic abbeys of Trentino, the star Bolgheri winemakers from Tuscany, exceptional wines from sunny Sicily and authentic wines from Abruzzo, Puglia and Umbria. We reveal the identity of Italian regions, their diversity and the people behind it. The identity of the wine list is Selezione italiana.

We invite you to Margherita "Bistro e Pizzeria" - a place where Italian traditions come to life high in the Ukrainian mountains.


Margherita Bukovel

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