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It’s been ten years since we started sharing our best values of Caucasian hospitality, authentic taste and warm atmosphere.

The taste is everything, and we have two head chefs working to its perfection day-to-day, Tristan Arabuli and Gurgen Sarafyan. Both of them have been here since the very opening, implementing their cooking styles into our concept. Gurgen is Armenian; he is in charge of the meat here. Thanks to him, our shashlik is always tender and juicy. Tristan takes care of the pastry - in his traditional and unique purnei oven delicious khachapuri (Georgian cheese pastry), flat breads and pies are made.

Georgian food is always served with the finest wine. We did our best to collect the biggest Georgian wine collection in Kyiv and for the past two years the restaurant’s wine list has received the prestigious wine award Wine Spectator.

We respect and maintain the traditions but we also gladly create them. Every Thursday we serve special chef’s lamb pilau to our guests and every weekend we cook a traditional shurpa in a cauldron.
For the kids, our chef’s Tristan Arabuli is happy to teach them to make khinkali, and the puppet show performs with a new show every weekend. One of our favorites is the marvelous summer terrace that offers a great view from the middle of the Police Garden. Street musicians gather around, couples dance to the music and the place is filled with an evening city vibe.

Visit Kuvshin at any time - we are waiting to make your experience special.

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