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Fish place

Recently in Kiev have been opened a fish restaurant, and we are sure that you never seen anything alike. The creators of the restaurant, the team La Famiglia, have gathered under one roof everything that true gourmets appreciate. Here you can find the largest selection of fish and seafood in the capital, 8 kinds of oysters, 130 kinds of champagne, and also a huge assortment of white wines - more than 200 kinds.

It is difficult to come up with a more elegant combination than seafood and champagne. If earlier, in order to uncork a bottle of sparkling wine, a special occasion was required, now such an occasion is served by any of the delicacies cooked by CATCH chefs.

Fresh Catch

In the CATCH menu you will always find a snepper and scorpion ed, a naval tongue and a turbot, an oceanic mullet, a sea cock and a salmon Label Rouge, as well as many other marine delicacies. Separately it is worth mentioning lobsters, lobsters, crabs Turtus and royal crabs. Of the latter, they prepare salad, pasta and phalanx. And in CATCH you can try pepper crab, crab-cake and burger from thin-crab crab.

Occasion to drink

In CATCH more than two hundred kinds of white wines, and they are all sold here at the prices of a wine boutique. In the local wine list there are more than 50 styles and more than 30 varieties of white grapes. Here you will find wines from France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Australia and the USA. We turn yours mind to Burgundy wines - in particular, to the best years of the legendary house Bonneau du Martray. By the way, most of these wines can only be tried in CATCH.


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Reserve a table La Famiglia