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Вина північної Італії у Piccolino

Vincent Girardin у CATCH – класика і новизна.

19-20 вересня

Осінній ярмарок щедрих смаків і п’янкого вина

Speciale chef's menu

New gastronomic shades in Vero Vero

Schedule of master classes

Grande adventures in Semifreddo!

Breakfasts in Bigoli

August 27 at 19:30

Sicilia, Amore Mio!


Хвилююча історія моря у новому Lobster & Shrimp Menu

Нове меню тартарів у Piccolino!

Frutti di Mare

New Chef’s menu in Trattoria ZUCCA!

A special photo project

Independence Day in Hutorets on the Dnipro

Black sea’s menu on the Dnipro!

New dishes on the Semifreddo menu!


An incredible world of adventures for kids

Vero Vero

Bright entertainment for little guests

Хуторець на Дніпрі

Веселі розваги для малюків!


New Chef’s dishes

ХУТОРЕЦЬ на Дніпрі

Нові літні коктейлі

La Famiglia Catering

Виїзне обслуговування ресторанного рівня

Updated menu at the Kuvshin restaurant

Bright summer tastes on your favorite terrace

Vero Vero

Favorite breakfasts in Vero Vero!

The most beautiful summer terrace on the banks of the Dnieper is waiting for guests!

Kuvshin Restaurant invites you to the summer terrace!

Khutorets na Dnipri

The season of gastronomic walks along the Dnipro is open!

Make a wish come true

Celebrate with Semifreddo!


Italian word La Famiglia — Family – speaks for itself. We adopted the great warm attitude towards our guests, serve only the finest food and value every second spent with the dearest people.
This story starts with the restaurants and goes a long way. La Famiglia brand includes restaurants, which are already well known to those who value the real taste: Catch, Semifreddo, Zafferano, Bigoli, Piccolino, Vero Vero, Vino e Cucina, Trattoria Zucca, Toscana Grill, Molto Bene, Kuvshin and Hutorets on the Dnieper. All these restaurants are unlike each other but carry the same features so loved by our guests.
The approach of selecting the best ingredients and culinary traditions, which we improved over the years, created the taste, which made our restaurants so famous.
One of the values we have is the La Famiglia’s team. These are the same people we teach and learn from every day.
We stay honest and never cheat around as we believe that good restaurants attract people with their taste, great products quality, vivid emotions and special mood they bring to your life.
We do not follow the fashion. Instead, we create good restaurants that are meant to last....more


La Famiglia Catering

We introduce La Famiglia Catering - a catering service based on La Famiglia experience. LFC provides professional chefs, who are masters of Italian, Georgian and Ukrainian cuisines, and an exсellent restaurant service team, which concentrates on recreating the well-known atmosphere of our restaurants.



La Famiglia certificate is an elegant and universal gift at the same time. Bring happiness to your dearest people, friends and colleagues. We’ll be happy to deliver it straight to their hands!


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Our success has been built by people who work at La Famiglia. People we teach, and people we learn from every day. Maybe we're looking for you? Join us!


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